Tom Tamarkin’s Story

May 2, 2019

The purpose of this personal essay is to provide background on Tom Tamarkin as a person, his motives, and what we intend to do in the United States to expose the Anthropogenic Global Warming (AGW)/climate change and renewable green energy hoax. Hoax is not the correct word but our President likes using it in this context. The correct words are deception and fraud. But hoax is a simple and fun word so it will be used in this essay.

Firstly a bit about me. I am a lowly undergrad physics major with dual minors in applied math and chemistry. I am not a Ph.D. but I have a very unusual background because of my father. This is described in an article online at: Please take the time to read paragraphs 1-5 which saves me from rewriting that information here. Also, I will add the fact that in the fifties and sixties, my father was in charge of the state science curriculum in the State of Arizona for primary and secondary science, and as a result was in charge of what textbooks were approved by the State for use in public schools. Because of his position all the major text book publishers would send all their grade school and high school text books to him and he would have to read them and make the selection. Then he would bring them home and give them to me. So by the time I was in third grade I had read all the text books from all the publishers each year through first and second year high school physics.

Furthermore my father taught the continuing education courses which the state required all science teachers to take as part of the continued education process. Those courses were taught at night and my father took me with him to his lectures from the time I was in second grade up to the seventh grade. Thus I knew what was required to teach people complex issues in science and make it fun. Imagine…physics is fun…or physics is phun as the cartoon on his office wall said.

When I was a senior in high school my physics teacher threw me out of the class and made me the teacher’s aid. Why? Because my father was a coauthor of the text book being used and I kept correcting my teacher in class every time he was wrong. Later that year I was given top honors in physics at the 1971 International Science and Engineering Fair for my work in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

I was taught at a young age that when you see something grossly wrong such as the massive AGW hoax, you have an obligation to do whatever you can to fix it. Hence my work now as no one else is standing up to the task; notwithstanding the good but long term work groups like CFACT and the Heartland Institute are doing.

I quickly learned that AGW is a hoax and a pretext by both the “green community” and the elites to militate or push forward a socialist’s agenda for a one world government with a massive reduction in population based on the restriction of inexpensive abundant energy. How was this done? Through the climate scare confusion and bluff. One of the first orders of business is the destruction of capitalism in the U.S. and other advanced countries.

How did I figure this out? For the last ten years I have been traveling around the country talking to investors and environmentalists about fusion energy. I leave the fusion details for a later time. However, is a website I have maintained for the past 10 years. The “greens” and environmentalists were not interested. Nor were they interested in revitalizing our fission nuclear industry with new safe state of the art science and technology. Why? Because they want to restrict power, not increase it at lower prices.

Secondly I designed and have patents worldwide on energy conservation technology for residential homes. In essence we provide the customer with real time cost and usage information. The government and utilities were not interested and all the solar energy companies were against us. Why? Because they did not want the people to have access to the real data which undermines the fact that solar power is only viable when someone else pays for it; i.e., the government and taxpayers. See EnergyCite at:

So this brings me to the center of the AGW hoax matter. In 2012 my business partner, Pat Boone of Hollywood recording and movie fame, introduced me to Chuck Wilkerson who at the time was campaigning for the 30th district of Congress and was trying to educate politicians on the AGW hoax and put an end the Waxman Markey Act proposal, the predecessor to the current AOC Green New Deal.

I got involved with Mr. Wilkerson, et al., on the production of an outstanding AGW tutorial which shows what really causes climate change; i.e., the various natural variations. The climate tutorial is at: . We hung our hat on (American phrase meaning we strongly based our conclusions on…) the paper written by Gerhard Gerlich, Ph.D., and Ralf D. Tscheuschner, Ph.D. titled: “Falsification Of The Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects Within The Frame Of Physics” as well as the work of Gerhard Kramm, Ph.D., et al., “Comments on the Proof of the atmospheric greenhouse effect

These works conclusively prove as a matter of physics that the so called Greenhouse Gas theory does not exist and cannot exists as a fundamental matter of physics. The was a commissioned paper by Arthur P. Smith titled “Proof of the Atmospheric Greenhouse EffectThe math is beyond the reach of a large number of “climate scientists” many of whom have limited studies in advanced physics and math. Without going into details, one American climate scientists, Dr. Judith Curry, has described the two papers as talking past each other while dismissing the Gerlich & Tscheuschner entirely stating: “However, whether atmospheric gases such as CO2 (and H2O, CH4, and others) warm the planet is not an issue where skepticism is plausible.”

I respectfully disagree with Dr. Curry. As Dr. Roy W. Spencer recently pointed out the average age of climate skeptical scientists is 62 and no young scientists are taught to question the greenhouse gas theory and anything else not endorsed by official government agencies and the IPCC. The work of Gerlich & Tscheuschner, Gerhard Kramm, Ph.D., Ralpf Dlugi, Ph.D., and Michael Zelger, Ph.D., have effectively been lost within the climate science community.

Mr. Wilkerson was an engineer at Northrop Grumman Corp. He worked with many scientists and engineers within NGC and built a relationship with Dr. Ian Plimer in Australia as indicated on page 12 of the tutorial.

As part of my scientific due-diligence I found the Arthur P. Smith rebuttal of the G&T paper early on as well as the Gerhard Kramm, Ph.D. rebuttal to the Smith, et al. At that point Mr. Wilkerson and his group basically abandoned the project because of all the out and out confusion and bluff in various papers talking past other papers. No one had the credentials, let alone the willingness to read all the papers in great detail and work their way through complete proofs and falsifications. Wilkerson and all of us were constantly challenged regarding the Gerhard Gerlich, Ph.D., and Ralf D. Tscheuschner, Ph.D. paper. At that point I took over the tutorial and have maintained it and updated it per the dates on page 12.

The tutorial has been reviewed by many hundreds of scientists and given much praise who participate in the various Facebook “Skeptical Scientists” sites such as:,,,,, and,

In December 2018 I made the decision to take on the AGW hoax in a tour de force way in the United States. This led me to the construction of the Mango Project which is fully described online at: If this page asks for a passcode please use ognam18. This is again ognam18. A condensed summary follows for purposes of this essay:

Mango Project Phase One

  • Organize and hold expert scientists team meeting. This includes the specific scientists identified in the Mango Executive Summary, physiologist, media members, and Avi Schwartz, our screenwriter and movie producer. At: Passcode required. Use: ognam18
  • Team review of our climate change tutorial. At:
  • Group agreement and statement on the scientifically correct definition of the effect of man produced atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2.) on Average global temperature.
  • Conceptual discussion of “children’s book on the climate deception and fraud.”
  • Conceptual discussion of the detailed text book on the science, politics, and business fraud of the climate deception.
  • Buy off by all the team members that they will be listed as contributing authors of the two books. This includes over 10 Ph.D.s including the co-founder of Greenpeace and President Trump’s NSC presidential climate committee as first choice team members. How many of these “A” choices will participate are unknown at this time but I have contacted many who say they will.
  • Preparation of the book drafts.
  • Team review.
  • Production of books. Detailed text book online only for Phase 1.
  • Delivery of the children’s book to all US. Government senior executives, Senators, House of Representative members, appropriate staff in the EPA, DOE, NOAA, NASA, and others involved with the AGW matter. Delivery of children’s books to key executives, editors, senior reporters at CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, major news magazines, and all newspapers in the U.S.
  • Completion of the Mango treatment and synopsis.
  • Nationwide rollout of Children’s book after first release to federal and state politicians and the news organizations nationwide. That generates tremendous marketing at very little cost and opens up distribution. This will be highly profitable.

From our prospective the American people and the elected leaders and policy makers will have little interest in, and patience for, the science. The average American cannot recite the formula for salt (NaCl) (unless they are members of Greenpeace, who attempted to ban Chlorine.) Thus they could give a grain of salt for the scientific details.

What the American people do want to know and what the elected leaders will be scared to death over is the REAL STORY.

The REAL STORY is the fraud and deception.

The global warming alarmists and their community are acting on a false premise. They are presenting to people who have been indoctrinated in the false theory that “greenhouse gases” contribute a statistically relevant amount of warming. It is obvious that they do not understand the natural carbon cycle or chose to mislead people by ignoring it. Manmade carbon dioxide is responsible for 0.117% of the total warming caused by the atmospheric greenhouse effect (if the Greenhouse Gas Effect theory is correct) and is therefore unmeasurable. The tragic situation is that the public and their elected leaders simply do not understand these elementary concepts of science and allow the charade of AGWW/climate change to continue at a worldwide annual expense of over $2 trillion dollars. AGW/climate change is a deception and fraud designed for three purposes.

Firstly, the unification of a socialist one world government under direction of the UN which will force massive population reductions through the restrictions of inexpensive abundant energy.

Secondly unscrupulous business people were allowed to develop the carbon cap trading scheme (scam) to the enrichment of corporate institutions and individuals with the complacent help of the U.S. government; i.e., the false assertion by the EPA that carbon dioxide is a pollutant and the US Supreme Court’s ruling that the EPA can enforce such nonsense. Certainly there will be RICO lawsuits in the near future and people will go to jail over the fraud. Perhaps even SEC lawsuits. It is noted that Al Gore’s venture capital company was an initial investor in Nest Labs $30 million development stage financing and which was later sold to Google for $3.2 billion dollars as a late stage startup. At the time certain government departments were being lobbied to force all new homes in America to include carbon dioxide monitors which the Nest thermostat could do. This also included all homes financed by government lending institutions. Google thought they were buying a gold mine until the new administration took hold.

Thirdly, the Big Green Energy Scheme (scam) is being subsidized by taxpayers the world over to produce unworkable power and energy systems. Solar and wind for baseload power are prime examples. Once the public becomes aware of the AGW/climate change deception and fraud there will be massive class action lawsuits for redress of grievances and the recovery of funds.

Furthermore as a result of the above a huge and deep state bureaucracy has been built staffed by research scientists, university professors and graduate students whose livelihoods are a function of maintaining the charade to keep the government funds flowing in. Since an organism’s instinct is survival, these otherwise good meaning scientists and clerks maintain the status quo. Thus thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of jobs are a function of keeping the deception alive. Once the AGW cover is blown, what do all those people do for a living?

We support President Trump’s recent decision to form his Presidential Commission on Climate Security to challenge the deep state science institutions in the US and the IPCC. The sooner this deception and associated waste is put to an end the sooner monies can be more properly invested in the research and design of workable high energy flux density energy generation. Learn more at our 2019 website which is updated daily at:

But there is a small problem with the Presidential Commission on Climate Security. It will be headed (if it forms) by Dr. William Happer who acknowledges anthropogenic forces are at work with respect to AGW but is unable to put that speculation into quantitative terms. Our position is any increase in average worldwide temperature is so far down in the noise to be unmeasurable against the natural vibrations as shown in our graphic presentation at:

My objective feelings based on my understanding of all the physics is that the G&T paper and position is mostly correct. Summed up, that implies that atmospheric CO2 concentrations have zero effect on temperatures on the Earth.

The problem with the G&T paper is that it is so long and largely unintelligible to most people including skeptic scientists with whom I have discussed it like Judith Curry, Tim Ball, and Roy W. Spencer, dismiss it out of hand by calling it idiotic, not real science, and even the not so nice term “total BS” was used by one of those three. However it is doubtful that any of these scientists read the entire paper.

Understand that Judith Curry has a BS and Ph.D. in geography as does Tim Ball. Dr. Spencer’s BS and Ph.D. are in metrology. His personal website is at: See Dr. Curry’s site where she criticizes the work of GT and others:

I feel it is important to bring the G&T work to the attention of the Presidential Commission on Climate Security through Dr. William Happer and call for a formal, complete analysis. And I want to do the same in our meeting of the team of experts.

We can live with our current “luke warm” position since it is statistically irrelevant and most people could care less; except scientists who will fight to the death over a 0.1 degree C temperature variation and over who is right and who is wrong.

It is essential that we have the Children’s book and full text book online 3 to 5 months before the American 2020 election. The children’s book is really written for all the politicians and media organizations as described in the Mango Executive Summary. This is becoming more and more essential as the Green New Deal takes hold in the ever increasing socialists US Congress and Senate and at the state level as recently evidenced by the State on Minnesota as explained in this article:

The Children’s book syllabus may be found at:

My main reason in assembling the expert team meeting is to get a rough consensus by everyone as to the true nature of AGW and permission to list each team member as a contributor to the book. Why? Because I am a just a lowly physics undergrad who does not have a Ph.D., and years of experience with climate research. So my involvement as a led or coauthor would be immediately and ruthlessly attacked through ad homonyms.

Our Mission Statement follows:

Our mission is to educate the largest number of citizens possible on the fraudulent science, politics, and business of the deceptive anthropogenic global warming hypothesis and the false viability of green renewable energy sources thereby negating the green energy agenda of America’s elected leaders leading to the removal of carbon dioxide from the U.S. EPA’s 2015 Endangerment Ruling.

This is published online at published online at:

Thank you for your time reading this essay.


Tom D. Tamarkin