Tom Tamarkin

Founder, President & CEO

Tom Tamarkin is the founder, president & CEO of EnergyCite. Mr. Tamarkin was responsible for the design and introduction of the modern utility smart meter in the U.S. He has been an advocate of providing real-time energy data and control methods to electric, gas and water customers to enable them to conserve energy and save money. Mr. Tamarkin is the past founder and president of Tamar Corporation who invented the smart electric, gas, and water meters in 1990. In the mid-80s, he was the vice president & general manager of Datamatic Inc, a leader in utility meter reading systems & billing software. Mr. Tamarkin has been granted 7 patents the U.S., Israel, China, and the E.U. in the smart meter and systems topology field. He was named an industry pioneer in 2013 by “Smart Grid Today,” the nation’s leading publication on utility grid operations. Mr. Tamarkin lives in Carmichael, California with Emily Tamarkin, his wife of thirty five years.