Text of the “Green New Deal”, House Resolution 109


Recognizing the duty of the Federal Government to create
a Green New Deal.

FEBRUARY 7, 2019

Ms. OCASIO-CORTEZ (for herself, Mr. HASTINGS , Ms. TLAIB , Mr. SERRANO , Mrs. CAROLYN B. MALONEY of New York, Mr. VARGAS , Mr. ESPAILLAT , Mr. LYNCH , Ms. VELÁZQUEZ , Mr. BLUMENAUER , Mr. BRENDAN F. BOYLE of Pennsylvania, Mr. CASTRO of Texas, Ms. CLARKE of New York, Ms. JAYAPAL , Mr. KHANNA , Mr. TED L

CO2 is not causing (statistically relevant) global warming

Bud Bromley January 15, 2019

CO2, water, and CH4 (methane) and some other minor gases are so-called “greenhouse gases” because they absorb infrared energy.  However, be careful to avoid the common misunderstanding that the earth and its atmosphere behave like a garden greenhouse; that is not true.  Greenhouses are closed systems except to incoming energy.  Earth is an open system, open to receive energy, as well receive gases and other matter from space and also open to transmit energy, gases and matter back into space.  A greenhouse is a poor analogy for earth’s climate.

The climate change bubble

Bud Bromley July 5, 2016

Dr. Judith Curry takes down the AAAS in the post at this link to her website. The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) attempts a power play on climate change but instead shoots itself in the foot. This is an example of the Iron Law of Bureaucracy.

The management of ACS is one of the signers of the AAAS propaganda letter. I was a member of the American Chemical Society (ACS) for many years. I was heavily involved with an ACS subgroup in gas chromatography in the 1970’s and early 1980’s. There was little climatology, the sciences of climate, at ACS in those years. In fact, I and the others involved in that ACS subgroup were teaching ACS members how to measure gases, including teaching EPA employees how to measure real pollutants.

The Club of Rome and beyond: How the socialist religion of environmentalism was born

The Rebel Tim Ball | February 20, 2016

The entire world needed the new paradigm of environmentalism. The problem is that a few grabbed it for a political agenda.

They used it as a vehicle to take the moral high ground, to claim only they cared about the environment. They argue that everyone else was guilty of environmental destruction because of their avarice and wasteful ways.

Environmentalism as a political agenda is pushed by extremely wealthy and powerful left wing people who made their money exploiting the environment. The psychology of that is beyond the realm of this discussion, but consider the hypocrisy of George Soros, Maurice Strong, Bill Gates, the Rockefeller’s, Leonardo DiCaprio, Ted Turner among many others. The confusion is similar to surrounding another person who most people think was a right wing fascist, but was in fact a socialist promoting environmentalism, Adolf Hitler. (Nazi stands for “National Socialism.”)

Where the Global Warming Hoax Was Born: 1975 ‘Endangered Atmosphere’ Conference

21st CENTURY Science & Technology, Fall 2007 | by Marjorie Mazel Hecht

Photo:Jack Manning/NY Times Pictures
Anthropologist Margaret Mead gave global warming its start, as part of a movement to curb population growth. Here she poses at the Museum of Natural History in front of an Easter Island stone figure. Mead is famous for saying, “Instead of needing lots of children, we need high-quality children.”

“Global Warming” is, and always was, a policy for genocidal reduction of the world’s population. The preposterous claim that human-produced carbon dioxide will broil the Earth, melt the ice caps, and destroy human life, came out of a 1975 conference in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, organized by the influential anthropologist Margaret Mead, president of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), in 1974.

Global Warming Bombshell

MIT Technology Review

A prime piece of evidence linking human activity to climate change turns out to be an artifact of poor mathematics.

by Richard Muller | October 15, 2004

Progress in science is sometimes made by great discoveries. But science also advances when we learn that something we believed to be true isnt. When solving a jigsaw puzzle, the solution can sometimes be stymied by the fact that a wrong piece has been wedged in a key place.

In the scientific and political debate over global warming, the latest wrong piece may be the hockey stick, the famous plot (shown below), published by University of Massachusetts geoscientist Michael Mann and colleagues. This plot purports to show that we are now experiencing the warmest climate in a millennium, and that the earth, after remaining cool for centuries during the medieval era, suddenly began to heat up about 100 years ago–just at the time that the burning of coal and oil led to an increase in atmospheric levels of carbon dioxide.