3-14-19 Letter to President Trump

Tomer D. Tamarkin
5545 El Camino Avenue
Carmichael CA 95608
916-482-2000 Office * 916-482-2020 Cellular

14 March 2019

The White House
Washington D.C.
Ref: Dr. William Happer and NSC

It is imperative to the security of the United States and indeed to the liberty and freedom of its citizens, that you enact a panel of expert scientists headed by Dr. William Happer to evaluate the climate science hoax.

The “hoax” was created to restrict abundant, inexpensive, energy to citizens around the world, ultimately forcing massive population reductions and the establishment of world governance by the UN.

The diabolic scheme rests on the scientifically absurd proposition that carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere creates statistically relevant warming and inevitable harm to the planet. Real science disproves that argument. And no science can empirically demonstrate this absurd proposition. I have built a website to teach the American people these truths at: http://greatclimatedebate.com

I am organizing the production of a children’s book, a backup authoritative text book, and a full length feature film titled Mango the Movie to educate the American people on the REAL story; the deception, fraud and continuing charade. At: https://greatclimatedebate.com/mango-the-movie-throughline-and-plot/
Thank you for your recent tweet concerning Dr. Patrick Moore, founder of Greenpeace and past president Greenpeace Canada. Fake news; fake science.

Again it is vital to the best interests of the United States and its people to form the presidential committee on climate headed by Dr. William Happer.


Tomer (Tom) D. Tamarkin
Carmichael, CA
U.S. Passport # 488157621