Has global warming already arrived?

C.A.Varotsos, M.N.Efstathiou Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics Volume 182, January 2019, Pages 31-38 https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jastp.2018.10.020 Highlights • The global warming during 1978–2018 was not more enhanced at high latitudes near the surface. • The intrinsic properties of the lower stratospheric temperature are not related to those in the troposphere. • The results obtained do not reveal the global warming occurrence.

Junk science of Climate Sensitivity and CO2 forcing

Principia Scientific Tim Ball | April 15, 2016 We recently published an article by Edward Hoskins entitled “The Junk Science Of A Supposed Climate Sensitivity Formula”. The author requested a review from PSI’s former chairman Dr. Tim Ball, which we pleased to be publishing below with extracts from the original article.

The diminishing influence of increasing Carbon Dioxide on temperature

Ed Hoskins August 10, 2014 Using data published by the IPCC on the diminishing effect of increasing CO2 concentrations and the latest proportional information on global Man-made CO2 emissions, these notes examine the potential for further warming by CO2 emissions up to 1000ppmv and the probable consequences of decarbonisation policies being pursued by Western governments. The temperature increasing capacity of …